Cedar Shake Roof Replacement & Repair

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement & Repair

Cedar shakes are an original part of many homes in Dufferin County and can be a great option for homeowners looking for a long-lasting, durable roofing material. There are many advantages to shake roofs and if properly maintained, the roof can last 40+ years which is longer than most asphalt shingles.

Maintenance VS. Replacement


All roofs should be maintained, but cedar shake roofs generally require more maintenance to ensure they operate at their very best and continue to do so for 40+ years. Without proper maintenance, a cedar shake roof may need to be replaced in 20 years (or sooner!).

We recommend that shake roofs be inspected every 5 years and at that time any cracked, curling or broken pieces should be replaced. During the inspection the ridge cap should be checked, any loose pieces should be reinforced and damaged pieces replaced. Nail pops should also be repaired during the appointment.

The cost of the maintenance will depend on how many shakes need to be replaced but it is an important investment for the longevity of your roof.


Unfortunately many homeowners in Dufferin County are not aware of the maintenance that cedar shakes require and by the time their roof is inspected, it is too late. If this is the case, a full replacement will be necessary.
If maintenance is possible, but costly due to many damaged pieces, it is important to calculate the cost of maintaining the roof for its remaining lifespan vs. replacing the entire roof. This is something we can help you determine so you make the best decision for your home and wallet.

Replacement Options

If you love the look of cedar shakes on your home, then you can easily replace them with a new set. If you no longer want the maintenance of a wood roof but liked the look of it, Euroshield rubber roofing is a great option. Manufactured locally, rubber roofing is made of 95% recycled material (primarily tires) and is designed to overcome extreme weather impact and temperature variances. Euroshield has a shake profile available in 3 colors as well as a slate profile in 2 color options.
Shake to asphalt is also a great option if you are looking for a low maintenance roof system with great curb appeal. We have many asphalt options including IKO, GAF, Malarkey and Cambridge.

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